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  • Posted by info 10 Sep

Animation: Making the impossible possible.

With O2 releasing their newest advert yesterday (9th September 2015), animation is proving time and time again that it is a force to be reckon with. Wear the Rose, another phenomenal piece by Elliot Dear – also responsible for the John Lewis; Bear and the Hare advert – has nearly hit half a million hits
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  • Posted by Snowy 01 Apr


Interest targeted advertisements online have been around on Google since 2003, with major success. By using the interests and Internet activity of Internet users, Google are able to target particular advertisements at particular audiences. Facebook followed the trend, using ‘likes’ on their social networking platform to target particular advertisements based on the interests of their
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  • Posted by Snowy 24 Mar

Storytelling: A powerful business tool

Storytelling forms part of all our lives. It is everywhere, and has been for thousands of years. From cave paintings to 140-character statuses on twitter, communicating through storytelling is one of the oldest traditions known in human history. The popularity of social media has undoubtedly increased this practice, which means our daily lives are filled
advertising, Adverts, Bournemouth, creative agency, Dorset, LoveLove Films, LoveLove Films Bournemouth, story telling, the power of stories, TV Adverts
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  • Posted by Snowy 12 Dec

LoveLove Films creates films for Brokerbility

The videos that LoveLove Films have produced for Brokerbility are a stylistic, smooth and sleek representation of the apprenticeship scheme that it is running. The videos move with an exciting pace, ambitious energy and would be an incredibly powerful representation of the apprenticeship-training scheme. As well as using polished camerawork and well cut editing we
Bournemouth, Brokerbility, Brokerbility Academy, Corporate Video, Education, Insurance, Insurers, LoveLove Films, Training, Video
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  • Posted by Snowy 11 Nov

Dorset Business Women, Go Digital – Video Highlights

LoveLove Films are excited to announce that we have been working alongside WSX Enterprises creating videos that highlight the success of their conference ‘Dorset Women, Go Digital‘. It was an inspirational event exploring how you can use digital technologies to work smarter, manage your business more efficiently and free up time to live your life
Dorset Business Women Go Digital, Dorset Women Go Digital, E-mail, Internet, LoveLove Films, Social Media, Technology, WSX Enterprises
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  • Posted by Snowy 31 Oct

Sky AdSmart soars at the Media Week Awards.

  We are delighted to announce that our partners at Sky AdSmart recently picked up the Media Innovation of the Year Award at the Media Week Awards. Sky AdSmart is an innovative new approach to TV advertising that changes the way that people at home view adverts on Sky. Interest targeted advertisements online have been
advertising, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, LoveLove Films, Media Week Awards, Production Company, sky, sky adsmart, TV Advertising
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  • Posted by Snowy 30 Sep

LoveLove Films produces animated video content for Dorset Police

LoveLove Films have been working with the Dorset Police force to produce content regarding domestic abuse and stalking and harrassment in the UK. The videos that LoveLove Films have created for the Dorset Police force focus on Domestic Abuse and Stalking and Harassment and aim to be a powerful tool for altering the perceptions of
Cyber bullying, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Dorset Police, LoveLove Films Bournemouth, Production Company, Stalking, Stalking and Harassment, viral
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  • Posted by Snowy 01 Sep

7 reasons why motion graphics works best when explaining your services

Here at LoveLove we believe using animation can be a great solution when attempting to explain your services to new customers. Explainer videos are a great way to brighten up your company’s website or maybe advertise a new service online, so we want to show you how to make the most out of it. Motion
Explainer Videos, LoveLove Films, motion graphics, Production Company, Videos
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  • Posted by Snowy 18 Aug

Linsar’s new videos showcase British excellence

Linsar is ready to present the first in a new series of exciting videos produced by LoveLove Films that will help increase brand awareness as well as promote their latest products. Linsar are independent technology experts who specialise in Televisions with cutting edge features and Domestic Appliances. Linsar’s products are available throughout the UK in
4k, Bournemouth, Bournemouth based production company, Dorset, John Lewis, Linsar, LoveLove Films, product video, Production Company, Technology, television, tv, tv technology
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