Sky AdSmart


A quick guide to the advantages of Sky AdSmart

LoveLove Films loves producing Sky AdSmart ads!

But what are Sky AdSmart Ads?

Sky AdSmart ads are just like any other television advert, except much better for businesses and brands, as they are both significantly CHEAPER and provide a BETTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT than traditional television advertising.

But how do they do this?

They are cheaper and more effective through cutting out what has historically been the most expensive and wasteful part of television advertising with something much better…

Until the launch of Sky AdSmart, businesses and brands would not only have to produce their television advert, but also have to contact a media buyer to locate and purchase available advertising space during shows on specific channels. This was a very expensive process, with many new to TV brands in particular finding themselves relegated to purchasing advertising space when no one was watching, or not being able to put their advert on TV at all.

Sky AdSmart cuts out the media buyer by using their technology to play your advert only to viewers that fit the advertisement whilst they are watching TV. It does this seamlessly, and is selected by using complex algorithms that it has gathered upon all Sky customers. For example, Sky will know how many children the household has, what kind of income level the parents have, the ages of the family, and much more information. With this data it selects the audience for the advert to play to, which is much more specific than traditional media buying, and doesn’t restrict itself to particular hours or shows, meaning that the advert plays out to the right audience at the right time.

Just how specific can the AdSmart targeting be?

Very specific! Sky has gathered lots of information on its customers from sources such as Experian. As well as information about families and income, it also knows all manner of other things, such as whether or not the users have liberal opinions.

If you want to target an advert to a specific region then there is no better resource. Sky AdSmart allows you to target your advert to specific postcodes!

But what if the TV isn’t on?

Sky AdSmart adverts only play when people are watching TV.

But what about Sky Plus?

Sky AdSmart adverts will only play when adverts are being watched. They don’t play if adverts get fast forwarded.

But does anyone watch adverts anymore?

Yes. In fact only 10% of all television is watched through catch up or on demand services. The vast majority of television is still watched live.

Furthermore, television advertising is still considered the most dependable and profitable form of advertising, with an ROI of £1.79 for every £1 spent.

But how much does it cost?

That depends on the type of campaign that you want to run. With the multifaceted technology comes much choice. Costing varies depending upon whether or not you want to run a campaign in a specific month, for a specific length of time, how long you want the advert to be, what area you want the advert to play to, how many times you want your specific audience members to see your advert and more!

However, while it is difficult to state an exact cost because of the variables, it is fair to say that you can run a good campaign on Sky AdSmart for 1% of the costs of traditional advertising. We know this, because we’ve seen this happen!

Where does LoveLove Films come in?

LoveLove Films has been producing television adverts that have been traditionally broadcast, AdSmarts, or used on both platforms, for years!

In fact we’ve produced over 50 television advertisements to date for a wide variety of clients, from national retailers to local businesses. Our adverts have seen businesses achieve as much as a 40% increase in sales after airing.

So, if you’re convinced you want to produce an Sky AdSmart advert, or you have more questions about Sky AdSmart, or you simply want to find out more about the production process of adverts, feel free to contact us on 01202 537 858 or

Here are a few examples of our Sky AdSmart ads to date: