In Development

Pop Paper City

Pop Paper City is a vibrant 3D preschool craft show… with adventure.

The series focuses on a group of unique paper friends as they find ways to have fun together by creating new parts of their stunning paper world.

Pop Paper City teaches children how to craft along with the characters, encouraging ‘doing as well as viewing’. Each episode features a craft sequence, in which a live-action human hand interacts with the 3D environment, assisting the characters with the crafting process and showing the audience how to follow along at home.

The official distribution partner for Pop Paper City is Aardman, creators of Wallace and Gromit, and Shaun the Sheep. Pop Paper City is currently seeking broadcast partners with scripts, storyboards, animation test and teaser trailer available.

Welcome to Pop Paper City: a place where dreams become reality.

Format: Series
Target: Pre-school
Running Time: 7 minutes
Style: 3D


Sprongles are the endlessly inquisitive robotic little creatures that live in the walls and floors of the Space Mission Ship, a spacecraft which goes on interplanetary missions. The Sprongles are characterized by their unique language, which consists of babble and gibberish, and they are always unintentionally causing havoc on the spacecraft, whether it’s by snooping, getting in the way or tampering with something on the ship. Through their adventures, the characters learn how to work together and discover how and why things work along the way.


Format: Series
Target: Pre-school
Running Time: 5 minutes
Style: 2D


Bottle Island Tv Series


Bottle Island

LoveLove Films are currently in development with Bottle Island, a fun and fast-paced 2D / 3D mixed-media edutainment preschool adventure series that encourages young children to care for their planet by reinforcing themes such as conservation, preservation and the issues surrounding plastic pollution.

The series follows a group of quirky friends as they work together to try and save the island from the rubbish that washes up on the shore. Through their eco-adventures, the characters discover the wonders and perils of the world around them.

Using characters from the series, LoveLove Films produced a short, educational animation with the United Nations for World Environment Day 2018 highlighting the importance of combating plastic pollution for children, and the everyday ways in which they can stop plastic pollution around the world. Read our Case Study to find out more.


Format: Series
Target: Pre-school
Running Time: 11 minutes
Style: 2D/3D/Mixed-Media

Ergle & Anne’s Unplanned Land Band

When Ergle and Anne’s family are thrust back into the 21st century by a mistake from their foolish time manager father in the 26th century, they try and do whatever it takes to fit in, even if that does mean forming a band with the “prehistoric” instruments they find; an odd shaped box with strings that makes a twanging noise called a guitar, and a zebra themed rectangle called a keyboard that can make sounds reminiscent of the future they have unwillingly left behind. Ergle and Anne comment on the world around them through witty dialogue and absurd songs in this musical-comedy series that comes straight from the future.


Format: Series
Target: 10-16
Running Time: 22 minutes
Style: 2D