New Talent Placement Scheme


Every year, LoveLove Films takes on selected students for our New Talent Placement Scheme, which is based in our busy Bournemouth studio. Our New Talent Placement Scheme gives you a chance to experience working within a vibrant, independent production company environment.

Roles at LoveLove can vary, depending on your specialist skills/interests. For example, if you’re doing a post-production course/degree, you may have a chance to get involved with editing/VFX/graphic design/animation.

However, there won’t always be post-production/practical filming/on-set runner roles, so you may be asked to help us within the pre-production aspects of each project, for example researching potential clients, new trends and so on, as well as being proactive and helping around the studio. The possibilities are endless!

Here at LoveLove, we understand the importance of supporting students and young people, and we endeavour to nurture and encourage new talent in a holistic and creative manner.

We offer 2-4 week placements as we think this is the perfect amount of time to truly get to know each individual.


We are looking to offer placements to individuals who are proactive, motivated, passionate and show a great deal of initiative.

We cater to individuals from a variety of courses, from animation and graphic design to TV production and other production based courses, and even marketing and business courses.

We like to get to know each of our placements, so it’s great for us to be able to see your personality, creativity and enthusiasm – which is why we ask for a video application to accompany your CV and cover letter (more in the ‘How To Apply’ section below).

80% of our team is made up from our New Talent Placement Scheme, so you really do get out what you give.

Our placements do need to be 18+ and unfortunately, due to the high volume of interest, placement slots are booked 6 months in advance on a first come first served basis.

Our New Talent Placement Scheme for media and TV production students is now fully booked until October 2017; however if you are currently undertaking a business/social media/marketing course or animation and graphic design course, please get in touch. Please be aware that we are only able to respond to successful applicants.

If you’ve got this far and think you’d be a great fit for our company, then please apply!


To inquire about potential placement opportunities, contact us at with a video application, 1 – 3 minutes in duration is perfect (be creative, sell yourself), your CV, your cover letter, examples of your work and your availability, with the subject “Hello Placement + your name”.

With the video application, we want you to get across your personality. It doesn’t need to be filmed professionally – it can be filmed on your phone. We just want you to be creative with it and not just read out your CV – tell us why you’re passionate about gaining experience in this industry, tell us what makes you stand out, tell us your favourite type of food if you wish! Feel free to include aspects of your specialist subject within the video, for example if you’re an editor, edit the video creatively! Creativity and passion are key! If you’re really stuck with the video application, then check out this page.

Good luck!


LoveLove Films’ work placement has given me a true insight into what working in the world of media production is really like. Unlike most work placements in this industry the team have you doing real jobs and shadowing senior team members, rather than being just a glorified tea boy. I’ve never felt that I am just on placement here, but rather the team of friendly and welcoming professionals have made me feel like one of them, and that the work and research that I have done here, is important to them and Lovelove Films.

During my time here I have completed many research tasks, looking into major clients for the company, gathering valuable and vital information that is required in the very early pre-production stages of projects and productions.

This information is used for the team to create initial concepts that they believe will fit best for the clients’ needs and wants. I was also able to develop a concepts based on my own experiences for BU that I got the opportunity to pitch directly to the head of Marketing and senior BU team members. This was a great experience for me.

Other tasks I have undertaken include organizing travel for shoot days and pitches, ensuring the teams schedule goes as planned and general office duties.

I believe that the immersive experience that LoveLove Films have provided me with will certainly help me with obtaining future employment, not just through the skills that I have learned and developed here, but also through the connections that I have made with the team and the ones they have with the professional industry. There has already been plans made for me collaborating with LoveLove in the future, it has been a pleasure working with them and all of the professionals that make up the team. I look forward to working with them in the future.


Work experience is often considered as just a way of ticking a box on a university application or CV. It usually comprises of a series of menial tasks given to occupy you by an unenthusiastic employer. My experience at LoveLove was completely different.

First of all, the whole team made me feel so welcome and took an active interest in my aspirations for a career in the film industry. I felt comfortable enough to ask for help and advice on projects I was currently working on outside of the placement and received some extremely helpful insight and tips (thanks Steve).

Concerning the work I was given, I felt as if I was really offered work that was helpful to the team and was relevant experience for my future career, helping with video concepts, shot lists, researching potential clients and even going to a recording studio to observe a podcast series  being made.  Despite being only seventeen, I was offered the chance to work on real projects and make a real difference.

I would really like to thank everyone at LoveLove, including Snowy of course, for making my placement with them really worth while and dare I say it, fun.


Interning at LoveLove Films has been an extremely fruitful experience; you are involved in the everyday operations of an independent production company from day one. It’s a great place to learn on the go! LoveLove Films’ truly value their interns and placement students, encouraging them to contribute at every level of production.


I did my work placement at LoveLove for two weeks and it has been a great experience for me. I did a variety of tasks such as being a runner, researching and helping comply/fill out paperwork such as call sheets and release forms, helping create imagery for their website and social networking pages and booking accommodation for the team who were visiting Cornwall on a shoot. My fondest experience of working with the Love Love team will be the shoot in Cornwall that I attended. It was a great chance for me to see what working with a client was like and is something that I can take with me and use in the future. LoveLove films is a great opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a media, film or animation career.


The time I spent with LoveLove Films went by in a flash! By the time it was my last day, I felt it was still the first week. Every day with LoveLove I felt that the work I was doing was of importance to the company and that I was contributing to their great projects.

During my two week placement with LoveLove, every day there was something for me to do, working with screenshots of finished projects in Photoshop, performing research on clients and projects and even designing, filming and editing a stop motion with my fellow interns for Mothers Day.

By the end of the placement, I had learned real world experiences, all while still at university and have since been able to apply what I learnt on my course. It was a real pleasure to have worked with the people at LoveLove Films and I’m sure future interns will say the same. Thank you again!


Work Experience with LoveLove Films provided me with a great insight into the media industry and how an independent company operates. Offering me a wide range of opportunities to extend my academic and professional skills, I was able to successfully complete over 15 weeks work experience with LoveLove; which was extremely enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement, and it enabled me to focus on improving necessary skills needed within the media industry. I had and still have great support from the company, and was able to work flexible hours around my other commitments. I am extremely grateful for what I learnt from this inspiring company, and would jump at the chance of returning.