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  • Posted by Snowy 16 Apr


With the rising popularity and affordability of tablet computers, and the rapidly expanding range of video ready smartphones, consumers are turning more and more frequently to online marketing and promotional videos to inform their purchasing decisions and fulfil their informational needs. According to Internet research company Comscore “site visitors who view video stay two minutes
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  • Posted by Snowy 04 Mar

How captivating Animation and exciting Narratives can make your brand flourish

As companies look for strong opportunities to promote their brand and reinforce their image in the vast digital landscape, many businesses and brands are turning to ever more innovative and exciting multimedia content to reach wide audiences. Virgin is a company that has always followed an ethos of pushing their promotion, media and advertising to
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  • Posted by Snowy 04 Feb

THE POWER OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE and Multimedia content creation in retail environment

As the modern world grows ever more technologically advanced and ever more interactive, the traditional world of print based advertising is becoming less effective as a marketing and promotional tool. Even the seemingly dependable sphere of television advertising adapting as consumers access content whenever and wherever they choose with the rise of the Internet and
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  • Posted by Snowy 02 Feb

LoveLove Films update Aspin

  LoveLove Films is pleased to announce that we have recently worked once again with Aspin, the ecommerce solutions company. The video that we have produced for them is an explainer video that outlines to customers how and why their software works, through a combination of smooth streamlined visuals and helpful voiceover narration. Explainer Videos
Animation, Aspin, Aspin Interactive, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, Corporate, motion graphics
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  • Posted by Snowy 20 Dec

Why viral videos can be the best advertising

Viral marketing has been around for a long time, however, in the last three years the concept of what viral videos can achieve has been completely reassessed. Social media now occupies a huge portion of people’s lives. Viral videos have always been a large part of social media’s appeal; however since 2010 viral marketing has
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  • Posted by Snowy 16 Nov

LoveLove Films present the lyric video for Joss Stone’s ‘The Love We Had’

LoveLove Films are pleased to announce that we have just released another Joss Stone Music Video. We’re very pleased that our recent music video, ‘The Love We Had’, has become the soul singer’s most successful music video to date. Hopefully, this next release (a lyric video for The Love We Had), which features the dazzling
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  • Posted by Snowy 09 Sep

LoveLove Films: Why use Motion Graphics?

  Have you considered using motion graphics to advertise your business, brand or product? Are you unsure of what motion graphics are? Watch our handy video that explains all of the details of how and why motion graphics made by LoveLove Films is the answer to your Promotional and Corporate needs, and will help you
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  • Posted by Snowy 03 Sep

A Film For All Seasons

Email us at or call us on 01202 537858 for more.   >
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  • Posted by Snowy 05 Aug

LoveLove Films Helping with Healios

LoveLove Films are pleased to announce a new project in association with Healios, who provide support, tailored to families and carers of psychosis sufferers through a combination of technology, education and live professional coaching. Our emotive animation immerses the viewer in the world and everyday experiences of a family who have first-hand experience with mental
Animation, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, Healios, LoveLove Films, Mental Health
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  • Posted by Snowy 04 Aug

White labelled

LoveLove Films are a very busy company. We’re always working hard on a variety of projects. As well as music videos, adverts, short films, feature films, motion graphics etc White Label promotional work makes up a lot of our output. Just what is White Label work? Basically White Label work can consist of many different
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