Why viral videos can be the best advertising

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Why viral videos can be the best advertising

Viral marketing has been around for a long time, however, in the last three years the concept of what viral videos can achieve has been completely reassessed.

Social media now occupies a huge portion of people’s lives. Viral videos have always been a large part of social media’s appeal; however since 2010 viral marketing has developed in a vast and rapid way.

What is the top viral video of 2013?

It’s this. The official music video for the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis’ song “The Fox (what does the fox say.)” At the time of writing (Dec 2013) the video has had almost 300 million views since being uploaded in September 2013, and is still growing at a rapid pace.

These numbers are not only great for giving the comedy duo recognition; there has been lots of serious commercial success resulting from this viral. The YouTube advertising revenue gained from this video will have been substantial. This link states that you can estimate that every 100 million views on YouTube can result in $100,000.


Most importantly, however, is the revenue that has been made from the merchandising of this video. This article states that the fox costume went on to become one of the most searched for Halloween costumes this year. This isn’t in a single country; the fox costume was searched for and sold widely in every country that celebrates Halloween.

Ylvis’s video, without being a straightforward advertisement, or promotional video, has managed to earn lots of money in even more ways. The children’s storybook based upon the video is also making Ylvis lots of money, as is the worldwide singles chart performance of the song. It’s the most successful Norwegian song since “Take On Me” in the 80s.

How can this help my Brand?

An increasing number of companies are turning towards viral marketing, with huge levels of success for their brand. Many of the top viral hits of 2013 were made exactly with this intention.

Volvo’s very recent video “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme” uploaded on the 13th of November 2013, has managed to reach over 61 million views in just over a month. That’s the equivalent of reaching the entire population of Britain. As well as having a large audience, this article has brought some very positive PR to Volvo. There are dozens of articles now on the internet with titles like this one, saying “Nothing Will Top This Commercial.”

This statement is obviously an exaggeration; a more apt and realistic title would be “Advertisers need to up their game and make their campaigns as dynamic and Innovative as this.” There are now hundreds of examples of large companies taking advantage of viral marketing campaigns; they’re becoming an increasingly common phenomenon.

Keeping up to date

Seasonally themed videos have sprung up extensively. The talk of the moment across the internet and on many news media outlets is Westjet’s Christmas viral “WestJet Christmas Miracle”, which in 10 days has managed to gain 30 million views around the globe.

The theme of the viral is simple, but highly accessible. Its title teases the viewer, with the promise of an old fashioned Christmas miracle, and the resulting viral does not let down. The content, a documentary of WestJet customers being asked what they want for Christmas by Santa before boarding a plane, and then receiving their wishes after landing, has managed to connect with a worldwide audience by spreading Christmas cheer.

It has at the very least managed to spread WestJet’s name around the world.

Building a Following

There is one other factor to Westjet’s, and other viral companies’ success: building up a following. Many of the best viral videos are so successful because a viral campaign has numerous videos. WestJet have been releasing viral videos for over three years. They are of a wide variety, ranging from short documentaries of holiday destinations, to humorous parodies to fit in with a certain season.


Through doing this WestJet have accumulated a significant following. Currently they have 27000 subscribers; something gained over time. To see the positive increase in viewership all that needs to be done is look at their videos over time. Their April Fools video from several years ago “WestJet introduces state of the art money saving feature” has managed 500,000 views. One year later their April Fools video WestJet introduces child free cabins managed to gain almost 1 million viewers. The Christmas miracle has managed 30 million. Their next viral video will almost definitely get viewers in the millions too now their name has been established like never before. And millions is the worst case scenario.

Making a Successful Viral

But what is it that makes a good viral video great? There is a list of recurring factors that leads to success.

Now, more so than ever, as this article points out “This year’s list (of the top viral videos) is full of professional videos.”

Linked to high production values are feats, and spectacular achievement. Jean Claude Van Damme performing the splits against two trucks is an event; an event that the viral video has manufactured to gain the most possible drama.

Other virals use different elements. WestJet have combined achievement with humour and heart; two elements that always fare well online. These factors and more are the defining characteristics of incredible viral adverts. As the examples show, they appeal to an incredibly wide audience.

Where LoveLove Films comes in

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We work with a wide variety of brands and agencies, producing exciting and innovative content for any product. We’re passionate about making the most out of any project. Recent successes include producing a series of Television adverts for major furniture companies, and making music videos for the international multi-platinum selling musician Joss Stone.

The LoveLove team love producing innovative and different media and can create viral campaigns with the same precision and success for your brand.

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