Sky AdSmart soars at the Media Week Awards.

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Sky AdSmart soars at the Media Week Awards.

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We are delighted to announce that our partners at Sky AdSmart recently picked up the Media Innovation of the Year Award at the Media Week Awards.


Sky AdSmart is an innovative new approach to TV advertising that changes the way that people at home view adverts on Sky. Interest targeted advertisements online have been around on Google since 2003, with major success. By using the interests and Internet activity of Internet users, Google are able to target particular advertisements at particular audiences. Facebook followed the trend, using ‘likes’ on their social networking platform to target particular advertisements based on the interests of their users. However, in traditional broadcast media, such as national radio and television, advertisements have been general. Although companies attempt to focus particular advertisements based on the viewing habits of the audience, this may not accurately reflect the socioeconomic background of the viewers.

However, the launch of Sky’s AdSmart is set to revolutionise the way in which viewers consume advertising and how businesses interact with their audiences. This innovative platform uses information provided by Sky users, such as postcode, gender & life-stage, and allows brands to target particular advertising campaigns at their target audiences, tailored specifically for them.
This allows the same brand to target neighbouring households, based on the demographic information provided, with different products, despite watching the same television show.

This is great news for businesses and brands, particularly smaller businesses, as it’s a cost effective way to target advertisements locally at a target demographic, yet still keeping in touch with programme genre. Rather than limiting advertising to local radio and Internet services, Sky AdSmart allows smaller businesses televisual airtime, allowing a direct connection to a precise & pertinent target audience within the of 10.5 million active Sky TV subscribers. Sky AdSmart can also be used by larger businesses to target specific viewers, for instance; a new shop launch in a specific location.

A major advantage to Sky AdSmart is there is no wastage with advertisements, meaning that the potential viewer’s Sky Box needs to be on and the viewer needs to be interacting with the Sky Box for the advertisement to be played. Businesses can determine when viewers see the advertisement, and how many times they see it, with Sky AdSmart tracking the campaign performance.

With Sky AdSmart being used by many major companies, such as Tesco, RBS & Audi, it seems like a great landmark in televisual advertising, helping expand the customer base of local businesses and allowing audience’s to access smaller, local brands. With Sky reporting that 25% of the brands signed up for the service are either new to television advertising, or have previously left the market, it seems like a great new juncture in the future of advertising.

Again, a big congratulations to our friends at Sky AdSmart on their award. If you’d like to know more about how Sky AdSmart can help you really reach out to your target audiences contact us here at

For further information watch the Sky AdSmart Case Study Video here:


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