LoveLove Films produces animated video content for Dorset Police

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LoveLove Films produces animated video content for Dorset Police

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LoveLove Films have been working with the Dorset Police force to produce content regarding domestic abuse and stalking and harrassment in the UK.

The videos that LoveLove Films have created for the Dorset Police force focus on Domestic Abuse and Stalking and Harassment and aim to be a powerful tool for altering the perceptions of working police officers. The videos will be used for training purposes by both the Dorset Police force and the Avon and Somerset Police force.

The videos were created through animating interviews of victims of both domestic abuse and stalking and harassment. Each video has a specific individual training aim, while all lead to one objective: to make the police force more effective in safeguarding victims.

The animations created evoke a range of emotion and sensitivity from the interviews and experiences captured from real life victims, whose identity and anonymity through the use of animation, actors and voiceover artists has been preserved. The animations allow officers to view the scenarios presented to them in an original and thought-provoking manner. These videos give an insight into what the victims of domestic abuse or stalking and harassment felt at the time, and thus, as a result will potentially lead to an improved

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and more efficient police response in the future.

Facts (provided by Women’s AID and The Guardian)

• One incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute.

• On average, 2 women a week are killed by a current or former male partner.

• More than 1.1 million or 7% of women and 720,000 or 4% of men have been victims of some kind of domestic abuse in the past year, official crime figures reveal. (2014)

• The latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales also reveal that there were an estimated 406,000 victims of sexual assaults last year and nearly one million victims of stalkers. More than two-thirds of these were women.

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