7 reasons why motion graphics works best when explaining your services

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7 reasons why motion graphics works best when explaining your services


Here at LoveLove we believe using animation can be a great solution when attempting to explain your services to new customers. Explainer videos are a great way to brighten up your company’s website or maybe advertise a new service online, so we want to show you how to make the most out of it.

Motion graphics is a great format to use when creating an explainer video. It is a form of 2D animation that can take on a variety of different styles. At LoveLove we realised that the best way to explain what motion graphics really is was to put together an explainer video that would do it for us, sort of like a motion graphics-ception.

LoveLove’s motion graphics explainer video



Animation is a great and unique way to reach your audience, which is why we have compiled a list of reasons why you should use this format when creating an explainer video:

1. Simplicity

The best way to make a potential customer understand exactly what it is you do when they’ve never heard of you before is to explain it in a clear, concise way. Through the use of motion graphics, you can do just that by creating a video that conveys your message in the simplest way possible without patronising your audience.

2. Endless possibilities

Since you’re not working with real people or shooting on location anymore, you have absolutely no boundaries when going about creating your video. There is no limit as to what you can achieve; animation makes everything possible.

Oh, so you want your newest services to be explained by a purple alien in a tutu? No problem; with motion graphics anything you can think of can materialise on screen thanks to the talent of computer animators.

3. Increased engagement

The use of animation works best to engage with audiences. It can attract more attention than regular videos due to its snappiness and the freshness of its format. Bright colours, simplicity, highlighted information; its direct approach works wonders to keep the viewer from tuning off.

4. Lower production costs

Due to the motion graphics being produced directly from a computer, you can avoid high production costs that come with shooting live action. Animation saves all that trouble and therefore saves you time and money, which is great if you’ve got a small budget or are running on a tight deadline.

5. Uniqueness

Animation is used in advertising often, yet it still holds that unique factor that audiences love. Using motion graphics will make you stand out from your competitors by reaching audiences in an interesting, unusual way. Animation can be formal yet it also screams modernity, which will make your company appear professional while at the same time keeping up to date with current marketing trends.

6. Audience adaptability

Due to the flexibility motion graphics provides, the video you want to create can be specifically tailored to the audience you want to reach. The tone and style of the videos can be modified to appeal to all audiences thanks to animation’s incredible adaptability.

7. To the point

When creating an animated video, you ensure only the most important information is conveyed to the viewer. That way, all unnecessary ‘white noise’ is avoided and only the most essential information is transmitted. There’s so much going on in live action videos that sometimes the viewer can get distracted and forget what the message actually is. Animated explainer videos ensure your point gets across by focusing on the main message and avoiding saturating your audience with too much information.

Video we produced for  Aspin UK

Video Produced for ISEB

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