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  • Posted by info 25 Aug

Instagram For Business

Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing app, revealed in August that they were opening their advertising platform to a range of “experienced marketing partners” including Hootsuite, Kenshoo, Brand Networks, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Unified, SocialCode, 4C, Nanigans, and Ampush for the first time ever. This move will mean companies can start purchasing Instagram advert spots
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  • Posted by info 19 Aug

The Rise of On Demand

In a digital age where the Internet has a strong hold over many of us, the use of online platforms is becoming essential to increasing brand popularity. In order to reach out to as many people as possible, a product or service must try to fulfil a wide range of needs. For example, the variety
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  • Posted by info 26 Jun

How to make Facebook Video advertising work for you

Facebook has become a prime platform for video advertising over the past year due to their introduction of auto play videos. This will greatly benefit companies, especially small businesses, as it provides an opportunity for large scale marketing. How Video Advertising on Facebook can benefit your business. There has been a “50% growth on video
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  • Posted by Snowy 01 Apr


Interest targeted advertisements online have been around on Google since 2003, with major success. By using the interests and Internet activity of Internet users, Google are able to target particular advertisements at particular audiences. Facebook followed the trend, using ‘likes’ on their social networking platform to target particular advertisements based on the interests of their
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  • Posted by Snowy 24 Mar

Storytelling: A powerful business tool

Storytelling forms part of all our lives. It is everywhere, and has been for thousands of years. From cave paintings to 140-character statuses on twitter, communicating through storytelling is one of the oldest traditions known in human history. The popularity of social media has undoubtedly increased this practice, which means our daily lives are filled
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  • Posted by Snowy 15 Mar

LoveLove Films Work Placement Experience

Bill Merner, 20 BA TV Production at Bournemouth University LoveLove Films’ work placement has given me a true insight into what working in the world of media production is really like. Unlike most work placements in this industry the team have you doing real jobs and shadowing senior team members, rather than being just a
Animation, Bournemouth, Bournemouth University, BU, Internship, LoveLove Films, Media, Media Industry, Placements, Work Experience
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  • Posted by Snowy 03 Mar

LoveLove Films present to you Cinechrome Studios!

LoveLove Films are delighted to announce the arrival of Cinechrome Studios and subsequently, the purchasing of our building, and thus a permanent home for the LoveLove team! Our current space has, in the past, proven to be both a brilliant place for a media production company to be based, and brought much acclaim to Dorset.
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  • Posted by Snowy 18 Feb

LoveLove Films wishing you a splendid Valentines Day!

Looking at a plethora of viral videos, LoveLove wanted to create something fun, that people could laugh along with and share. We discussed the idea of using a song against visuals to give a new approach to the video. We looked into previous comedic videos which were interesting visually and lyrically. I wanted to build
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  • Posted by Snowy 02 Feb

LoveLove Films in-house creative project ‘The Hummingbird’ shoot

  <![CDATA[ LoveLove Films are extremely excited to announce that we have updates on our in-house project ‘The Hummingbird’. On the last chilly weekend of January 2015 the LoveLove team shot the background plates and live action scenes. We were delighted that our good friend Ross McDonald joined us as our DOP. The weekend shoot
Animation, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, Creative, creative project, LoveLove Films, multimedia, multimedia content, Multimedia Production Company, VFX
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  • Posted by Snowy 29 Jan

LoveLove Wins CIM Membership

LoveLove Films have been given a Christmas gift in the form of a full affiliated Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Membership. We’re delighted to have been awarded this membership, which was won after taking part in the ReCreate UK series of development workshops ran by Get Set For Growth, a company that specializes in devising
advertising, Bournemouth, Chartered Institute of Marketing, CIM, Digital agencies, Dorset, LoveLove Films, Marketing, marketing agencies, video production
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