LoveLove Films wishing you a splendid Valentines Day!

  • Posted by Snowy 18 Feb

LoveLove Films wishing you a splendid Valentines Day!

Looking at a plethora of viral videos, LoveLove wanted to create something fun, that people could laugh along with and share. We discussed the idea of using a song against visuals to give a new approach to the video.

We looked into previous comedic videos which were interesting visually and lyrically. I wanted to build some visuals that could show our creativity but also had a unique sort of style. We began to pen out some humorous lyrics but wanted to make sure they weren’t too offensive. A lot of ideas were thrown about and we could of sang for a lot longer than the minute we wanted to stick to.

We decided to go for a 2D style which meant trying to keep the animation simplistic looking whilst lending itself to complex movement. As we began to make more assets there was a really nice style coming through and we all began to agree on ideas and how things would animate.



We recorded the song at a recording studio, which was an experience being able to see someone mix the track live whilst we were there. Also, Dominic Ellis, was a fantastic singer to say he only had a short time to make a melody and sing. Though we made a few changes to the lyric content to perfect the rhythm we came out with a ridiculously catchy song.

Now we could begin to make animatics to coincide with the song, we used Illustrator to create the assets, this allowed us to make quick changes and also as vector artwork we could resize the images and still retain quality.

The animation was coming together nicely but we were struggling to decide what to do with the characters in the chorus and how to animate them. Using reference videos helped us perfect at times, so the animations would look natural. We then pieced the whole animation together and it came together perfectly. With a really nice collaboration of animations from a variety of techniques and abilities.

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