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  • Posted by Snowy 05 Jun

Mac Pro-“Built for creativity on an epic scale”

<![CDATA[ After recently acquiring a brand new 12-Core Mac Pro, it is safe to say that we are very happy with this new addition. Apple has redesigned their Mac Pro to fit to the developments of a demanding industry of creative professionals, like us here at LoveLove Films. Maintaining an efficient workflow is key to
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  • Posted by Snowy 02 Jun

When every second counts – Creating attention grabbing adverts for demanding contemporary audiences

Grabbing the attention of an audience is harder than ever. With the opportunity to mute, skip, fast-forward, switch between tabs and devices, grabbing the attention of a TV or online audience is far from easy . The question is no longer only if your campaign will be remembered, but if it will be watched at
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  • Posted by Snowy 30 May

Back to the Future Pinball machine – creativity, play and our team culture

Our in-house animator, Sunny holds the office highscore of 4.7 million in Pinball. Yes, Pinball! Our new favorite addition to the office is our recently acquired Back to the Future Data East Pinball machine complete with retro sounds effects, music and characters from the films. Being one of a very few in the UK (only
1980s, 80s, Back to the future, Back to the future pinball, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, cool studio space, creative environment, Creative Team, creatives, data east, Dorset Production Company, Film Production, LoveLove Films, Michael J Fox, pinball, Pinball high score, popular culture, retro game machines, retro games, Studio culture, team, team culture, team work
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  • Posted by Snowy 30 May

LoveLove Films love mobile devices and creating content for them!

With an increased focus on the rapid progression from desktop computers, to laptops, to mobile devices, the way people consume videos also needs to be developed alongside ever-changing formats of consumption. As mentioned in our post ‘Why your business should be using videos’, dynamic visual content is becoming key to promotion and sales. Business Insider
3G, 4G, advertising, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, devices, LoveLove Films, Mobile Content, Online Content, platform, Production, tablets, TV Adverts, video production
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