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  • Posted by Snowy 20 Oct

What’s all the fluff about? – The use of animals within television adverts.

It is no hidden fact that people love animals, in our homes, out in the wild and even in our media. On our televisions everyday we will see images of animals in adverts and television shows. The Internet is a torrent of amusing or adorable videos of animals doing cute and crazy things. These videos
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  • Posted by Snowy 14 Oct

Addressing uncomfortable topics with the help of video and animation

Let’s face it, there are certain topics people usually feel very uncomfortable talking about. Personal hygiene, odors, sexual related products; these are usually the ones that take the cake. Well… Now imagine having to advertise products that address these intimate topics or products. Yeah, not something one would call easy. When advertising these types of
Animation, bodyform, Bournemouth, Dorset, durex, HelloFlo, Production Company, sensitive, tampax, uncomfortable topics, vagisil
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  • Posted by Snowy 15 Sep

LoveLove Films at the Southampton Boat Show

  Over the weekend the LoveLove Films team had the pleasure of recording the promo of the 2014 Southampton Boat Show’s highlights, with the intention of promoting future Boat Shows to a wide audience. LoveLove Films was briefed to create an innovative promotional video, focusing on a particular family’s experience of this year’s event to
Boating, Boats, Bournemouth, Bournemouth film company, Dorset Production Company, Event Filming, LoveLove Films, Production Company, PSP Southampton Boat Show, Sailing film company, Southampton Boat Show, yacht filming
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  • Posted by Snowy 01 Sep

7 reasons why motion graphics works best when explaining your services

Here at LoveLove we believe using animation can be a great solution when attempting to explain your services to new customers. Explainer videos are a great way to brighten up your company’s website or maybe advertise a new service online, so we want to show you how to make the most out of it. Motion
Explainer Videos, LoveLove Films, motion graphics, Production Company, Videos
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  • Posted by Snowy 18 Aug

LoveLove’s Latest TV Advert for Multiyork Mellis

  LoveLove Films have produced another advertisement for Multiyork, who are a major furniture retailer in the UK. They have 56 stores that sell a wide array of furniture and specialize in sofas of “any style, any fabric.” It has been an established seller of high quality homeware for four decades, and has an impeccable
Adverts, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, Furniture Clearance, Furniture Sale, Halo Design Associates, LoveLove Films, LoveLove Films Bournemouth, Multiyork, Multiyork Furniture, Production Company, TV Advertising
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  • Posted by Snowy 18 Aug

Southampton Boat Show TV advert – Lovelove Films

Hurrah for animation! Lovelove Films are excited to announce that our latest 3D animated TV advert, in partnership with ThomasMiller for the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014 is airing on ITV Meridian! The TV advert is airing throughout August and into September ahead of the ‘Festival of Boating’ taking place from the 12th to 21st
3d animation, advertising, Animation, Bournemouth, LoveLove Films, Production Company, Southampton, Southampton Boat Show, tv, TV Adverts
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  • Posted by Snowy 14 Aug

Video Advertising: Why you need it & what we can do to help

Have you ever wondered how adverts come to life? There is a lot of work involved from the moment an idea is formed to the point where it finally hits the screens. From creating a suitable narrative to finding the right characters and defining an appropriate style; let’s just say the process involves more than
Animation, Bournemouth production company, commericials, creditplus, LoveLove Films, sky adsmart, TV Adverts, why video advertising
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  • Posted by Snowy 04 Jul

TV advertising and the integration of the Twitter #hashtag

Conversation about television used to occur over the office water cooler or over a drink at the local, but now, with the popularization & easy accessibility of online social media, a large majority of conversation is held on Twitter. With over 654 million active users, and an average of 58 million tweets a day, its
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  • Posted by Snowy 02 Jul

LoveLove Films produce an animated TV commercial for Creditplus

Hurrah for animation! We are excited to announce that our latest animated TV advert for Credit Plus car finance will be aired in the following regions Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and Little Hampton covering the south coast! The TV advert has gone live at the beginning of July, across various Sky Channels. Creditplus are the leading
advert, advertising, Adverts, Animation, Bournemouth, Bournemouth based production company, car finance, creditplus, Dorset, Dorset Business, Dorset Production Company, LoveLove Films, Marketing, Poole, sky, sky adsmart, tv, TV Advertising, TV Commercial
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  • Posted by Snowy 16 Jun

How characters can boost your brand’s appeal

Who doesn’t love talking Russian MeerKats, or a welsh opera singer selling you car insurance? If you’ve watched TV in the recent past, odds are you know which brands I’m talking about. That’s precisely the point, these marketing campaigns have worked their way into everyday life and have greatly increased their company’s customer bases. The
advertising, Adverts, animated characters, Animation, Bournemouth, Bournemouth production company, Characters, LoveLove Films, Marketing, Social Media, tv, TV Advertising, TV Adverts, Viral advertising
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