LoveLove Films’ MD Georgina Hurcombe Wins ‘Inspiring Learning’ Award

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LoveLove Films’ MD Georgina Hurcombe Wins ‘Inspiring Learning’ Award

We are delighted to announce that our managing director Georgina Hurcombe has received the ‘Inspiring Learning’ Alumni Award from Bournemouth University

LoveLove Films’ managing director Georgina Hurcombe has received an Alumni Award from her alma mater Bournemouth University. Georgina has been presented with the ‘Inspire Learning’ Award, which is given to recognise ex-BU (Bournemouth University) students who use their knowledge and experiences to inspire others through education or professional development.

Launched in 2018, Bournemouth University’s Alumni of the Year Awards were developed to acknowledge the wide variety of achievements of the university’s graduates. Every spring, Bournemouth University welcomes nominations from staff and other alumni for three award categories. The categories include awards for Inspiring Learning, Advancing Knowledge, and Enriching Society. Together, the three awards reflect the university’s primary aims.


Georgina Hurcombe at RTS BU Meet the Professionals giving advice to students

Georgina is an alumni of Bournemouth University’s BA Television Production course, which is part of the university’s Media and Communications faculty. The university’s media courses are recognised for the hands-on experience they offer; they help students to develop and cultivate many of the skills necessary for careers in the media industry. Georgina has utilised her education at Bournemouth University throughout her career, and her experience on the university’s Television Production course provided Georgina with all the essential knowledge to prepare herself for her career.

LoveLove Films takes on over 30 placements a year through the New Talent Placement Scheme, many of whom are Bournemouth University students. The scheme gives students from local educational institutions, colleges and other walks of life the chance to experience life within a vibrant  animation studio environment. Placements usually range from two to four weeks in length, and we try to ensure that each placement experience is tailored towards a student’s individual skills and interests. At LoveLove, we understand the importance of supporting students and young people in their career aspirations, and we aim to support and develop new talent in a holistic and creative manner.


Georgina Hurcombe digital wave

Georgina Hurcombe speaking at Digital Wave with her team members about how to get into Animation

Georgina can often be found running workshops in her own studio for young people, on panels, and giving talks such as ‘ being the right bum on the right seat’. She also won the DCCI award in 2015 for engagment with education. Most recently, Georgina spoke at the Children’s Media Conference on the Careers Guidance session, providing advice and encouragement to new talent. In 2018, Georgina hosted and organised the Keyframes for Success panel at Bournemouth’s annual BFX festival – a panel that Georgina will be bringing back once again at this year’s BFX festival.

Georgina_hurcombe_Women_ Animation_bfx

A social media post about Keyframes for Success at BFX


Responding to the news of her Bournemouth University Alumni of the Year Award, Georgina said:

“I’m so thrilled to be receiving an Alumni Award and the fact it’s for the ‘Inspiring Learning’ category means an incredible amount to me. Many of my team at LoveLove Films are former BU graduates, and having the opportunity to inspire current BU students and others through our New Talent Placement Scheme and help to guide them towards their professional goals is such a pleasure. I look back at my time at BU with fond memories, and I’ll always be incredibly grateful for all the knowledge and skills I developed during my time there. The BA Television Production course – and the Media & Communication faculty as a whole – were vital in preparing me to enter the media industry; frankly, I don’t think I would be in the position I am now if it wasn’t for my time at BU.”

As well as Georgina, three other BU alumni have received Alumni Awards. Among them is the ‘Advancing Knowledge’ Alumni Award winner Tom Box, who is a co-founder of renowned animation studio Blue Zoo. Blue Zoo is one of the UK’s largest and most esteemed studios, producing a variety of award-winning animated content including television commercials, interactive apps, virtual reality shorts, and short films. Producing quality children’s content is also an important part of Blue Zoo’s ethos; the studio has animated an array of quality children’s programmes, which includes many pre-school favourites like Digby Dragon, Alphablocks and Numberblocks.

Alongside his work at Blue Zoo, Tom also campaigns for inclusivity and accessibility in the UK animation industry. He serves as chair for the NextGen Skills Academy – an industry-led education initiative offering courses in games, animation, and VFX – and ScreenSkills’ Animation Skills Council, a group of senior figures in the animation industry who provide leadership and guidance for a variety of animated works.

Tom graduated from Bournemouth University in 2000, and is an alumni of the BA (hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation course.

Tom Box - Co-founder of Blue Zoo and winner of Bournemouth University's 'Advancing Knowledge' Alumni of the Year Award

Tom Box – Co-founder of Blue Zoo and winner of Bournemouth University’s ‘Advancing Knowledge’ Alumni of the Year Award

We are thrilled to see that the animation industry is clearly striving to support new talent.

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