My LoveLove Films Placement Experience – Bruna Tolomeli

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My LoveLove Films Placement Experience – Bruna Tolomeli

I came all the way from Brazil for my MA in Post Production Editing at Bournemouth University and I am over the moon after taking part in the 3-week placement for part of my course at LoveLove Films.

When arriving in the UK, my biggest worry was how I would take the first steps into the film and TV industry. It can be scary due to language and cultural differences, but I am happy that my first experience in the industry in the UK was at LoveLove.

I believe international students go through a roller coaster of feelings when studying and looking for jobs in a foreign country. The language is usually the first obstacle, then comes the cultural differences, the small habits that comes naturally to us but not to others, added to the new crafts to learn. Luckily, I was welcomed with open arms and warm smiles from the LoveLove crew. The language barrier vanished before my eyes and the cultural differences were soon understood and respected. They took the time to explain me my tasks and who I would shadow and the interaction went smoothly, friendly and with a lot of dedication from both parts.

The first thing I learned was their workflow. I felt the need to analyse how the company works. I tried to be aware of what was going on around me even when the dialogue wasn’t directed to me, because you never know when you will be needed or when you can jump in and offer help.

Lovelove Films studio 1 -1

I had the space to practice my creativity and expose my ideas to the team by coming up with interesting research for future projects. Throughout the research, I was able to learn about the subject matter and deepen my understanding regarding animation. The research introduced me to the world of animation and soon the LoveLove team showed me in depth how it is to work on an animation from the concept to its completion.

I was asked to help create Mood Boards for an upcoming project and I was very happy to be a part of it, since I believe that Mood Boards are extremely important, as it is the very first step of transforming an idea into something visual. I was also lucky to start assisting an edit for a big project, which enabled me to practice skills that I have developed along my professional path. Alongside this project, I was constantly assisting the Production Coordinator, which helped me familiarize myself with the way productions are held in the UK (believe me, it is very different!).

By the end of the placement, I can say I understand each team member’s individual role and how this adds to the outcome of projects. LoveLove Films’ working space translates well their philosophy: it is a spacious open plan studio with no divisions, creating an environment which allows creativity and freedom to flow freely. Even though each one of the team has their own role, they work together as a team, supporting each other in every way. I am glad to have had the opportunity of having a placement at LoveLove Films for this short period of time and I am sure it was a good first step into the industry in the UK.

Written by Bruna Tolomeli


Note from LoveLove Films: “It was an absolute pleasure having Bruna with us on placement! She brought a great energy to the LoveLove studio and was very efficient! Thanks Bruna!”


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