LoveLove Films’ Gabby Young Music Video Gets Released

  • Posted by Snowy 14 Feb

LoveLove Films’ Gabby Young Music Video Gets Released


LoveLove Films are proud to announce the release of our latest music video for the multitalented ‘Gabby Young & Other Animals’, for her brand new single “I’ve Improved”.

The video for the song was produced entirely in-house in Bournemouth by the LoveLove Films team. The project; which spanned just 14 days from concept to completion is the latest LoveLove Films project for Gabby Young, having previously produced the video for lead single “In Your Head” from her previous album, which to date has garnered more than 55,000 views on YouTube.

The “I’ve Improved” video adopts the ‘2D cut-out’ animation style found on the artwork of her upcoming album “One Foot in Front of the Other”, and brings it to life, seeing Gabby and the band lost in a varied and visually stylised 2D environment; the expansive landscape and plethora of creatures and eccentric characters all designed, animated and rendered in house by LoveLove Films’ animation team.

“I’ve Improved” received its official world premiere screening on Friday 7th February at the ‘Under the Bridge’ venue in West London, during one of Gabby and the Band’s concerts.

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