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LoveLove Films are happy to announce that pre-production has begun on their latest project, a feature length film, which currently has the working title Goldfishing.

Goldfishing is, as the puntastic title implies, a British comedy film, which focuses upon John Davis, a forty two year old resident of the little town of Littleton. His window washing business is failing, and has racked up massive debts. He hides this fact from his wife, Sarah, who herself hides that she is too proud to go onto a Job Seekers Allowance after losing her own job. John’s luck appears to change when he takes his son Brendan fishing, and manages to stumble upon a gold bar. John turns to his recently deceased father’s friend “Uncle” Pete for guidance, who just so happens to be a petty crook. Pete embroils John into a deal where he must retrieve much more gold from the lake very soon or face having his legs broken by mobsters.

This film is adapted from the novel “The Golden Tench” by Rod Norris, and the script has been written over two years, and has seen much development. Now after seven drafts it is finally ready to enter production.

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