The House Whisperer

  • Posted by Snowy 30 Jul

The House Whisperer

If the direction of your life is not on track and you’re not achieving your goals or ambitions, it could be the energy and state of your house that is causing things to go wrong; if so, you need The House Whisperer!

In today’s climate, when in the past homeowners would have moved home, more people are turning to DIY, self-improvements, or even custom extensions to accommodate their families. But what happens if all this custom work leads to “something” being just not right in your home? Then enter Christian, The House Whisperer. His mission: to scrutinize properties and reveal how our homes influence and lead our lives.

By connecting the successful property and life coach genres, The House Whisperer will be a ground-breaking new series that changes the way audiences look at their homes forever. The series will reveal how the history, structure and design of our house impacts upon every aspect of our lives, from relationships to careers, by exposing how our home environments dictates us. If you are unhappy in your life, your home could be the cause- The House Whisperer will help you fix this.


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