Thortful Video Makes An Impact Online

  • Posted by info 15 Jun

Thortful Video Makes An Impact Online

What’s the best bit of advice your father ever gave you?

Well, in anticipation of father’s day, Thortful Card Company  needed us to produce a short video asking its participants what was the most memorable, thoughtful or best advice their fathers gave them growing up.

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LoveLove Films was commissioned by Little Bird PR, a dedicated and passionate PR company who cover a wide range of public relation areas, to create a video that was as fun and unique as Thortful itself. In this heart-warming and humorous two-minute piece we see a range of people, aged from 5 to 50, tell our crew their own individual stories. The staff here at LoveLove found it very interesting to see such a wide variation of advice given from fathers throughout different generations, such as telling their children to just be themselves through to saying that mummy’s always right. In particular this video also highlights the importance that to be a father figure it doesn’t have to be biological, with one interviewee saying that growing up his father figure was his granddad, showing that a father child bond goes much deeper than just genetics.

The recently released video has already made quite an impact online. It has been featured in press publications such as the Daily Mail Online and is generating much discussion on social media.

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Launched in April 2015, Thortful are a quirky and upcoming greeting card company who sell endearing and contemporary cards for any occasion, and the best part is their cards can be created by you! With the option to ‘become a creator’ on their website, Thortful believe that anyone can be creative and showcase their talents through their wonderful card designs. With over 2 million greeting cards sold in the UK every day, it’s great to see how Thortful are giving individuals the opportunity to let their creativity thrive and for their cards to be enjoyed worldwide. Visit their website here.

See the full video here:

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