LoveLove Films MD Georgina Hurcombe hosting Animated Women UK Panel at BFX Festival

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LoveLove Films MD Georgina Hurcombe hosting Animated Women UK Panel at BFX Festival

We’re delighted to announce that two members of our team here at LoveLove Films, Georgina Hurcombe and JoAnne Salmon, will be partaking in the Keyframes for Success with Animated Women UK panel at this years BFX Festival, on Wednesday 3rd October at 15:45 – 16:45.

The BFX Festival has been held annually by Bournemouth University since 2012, and is the UK’s largest visual effects, computer games and animation festival, with innovative techniques and research being showcased to ‘inspire new talent and educate the next generation of practitioners’1.

Chaired by our very own Managing Director, Georgina Hurcombe, this panel of leading women from the animation and VFX industries will aim to provide tips on how to navigate the oft complex waters of the aforementioned industries, through personal anecdotes of how they reached where they are today and a succeeding a question and answer session to clarify or explore any further points.

Gender parity in the entertainment industry is not a given – recent news stories and campaigns have made that very clear. But sometimes the best way to address bad practice is to demonstrate good practice.


With six panelists, including one of our animators, JoAnne Salmon, from a variety of other companies, Jellyfish Pictures, Blue Zoo and The Walt Disney Company EMEA have been confirmed so far, this collection of inspiring and successful women will provide valuable information on the worlds of animation and VFX, to interest and encourage those in attendance (tickets are £5 and can be found here at

Presented by Animated Women UK, an organisation founded in 2013 to ‘support, represent, celebrate and encourage women’2 throughout the UK’s animation and VFX sectors, this panel will also be combating the lack of gender equality in the entertainment industry by positively promoting and recognising women’s success, however, this doesn’t mean it won’t be multifaceted event with advice and importance for all.

We hope that many of you attend this event, as it’ll be an exciting and rewarding panel that will aid and interest those who wish to pursue a career in the animation and VFX industries, as well as those who just want to learn something new.

Please note, although this session is aimed to discuss women’s journeys in the industry we welcome everybody interested in animation to take away valuable advice and tips.


To read about the last Animated Women UK panel at the Children’s Media Conference, click here.

To read more about the Keyframes for Success panel with Animated Women UK, click here.



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