The Importance of International Women’s Day

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The Importance of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated in countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

In the United Kingdom alone, it could be argued that women are still under-represented in the television and film industry. In animation, women only make up just a meagre 23% of talent; only 10% of producers and directors are female, along with 17% of writers. Why is this? What can we do about this? And how can we motivate change? Well, today on the 8th March 2019 is International Women’s Day – a day to recognise female achievement and, for many, to probe how we can motivate and provide equal opportunities for women in the workplace.

We here at LoveLove work with Animated Women UK, recently held a panel at the BFX festival on women in animation and contributed to the CGFX festival at Southampton Solent University this year to enthuse young animators on the sector. We host regular workshops and placement schemes for young individuals and participate in the children’s media conference, all of which provide a dialogue and opportunity for new talent to be able to emerge in the industry.

Whilst a rapid increase in female students in television, animation and film courses across the country can be noticed, the industry is failing to recognise and welcome promising new female talent into creative roles, instead relying on more seasoned professionals, the majority of whom are male.

Whilst women and men grow up in an environment which exhibits rigid career pathways polarised by one gender or the other, (for example: women dominate the teaching and child welfare fields, whilst men dominate mechanics and are more inclined to work construction) we can begin to note a shift in our traditional ideals on gender conformity in the workforce which we here at LoveLove think is brilliant!

Whilst the fight to ensure equal inclusion of talent in the animation, television and film industry is far from over, we can take today to applaud and commend those who have made efforts to create a more representative working environment.

For International Women’s Day 2018, we asked our inspiring female employees for 3 tips on how to flourish as a female working in the film and animation industries. This is what they said:

JoAnne Salmon, Animator:
1. Have patience.
2. Don’t put yourself down!
3. Have fun with your craft.

Shannon Reeve, Production Coordinator:
1. Persistence is key!
2. Stay positive.
3. Help other women.

Georgina Hurcombe, Producer/MD:
1. Find your opportunity.
2. Find a mentor and be a mentor.
3. Do self promote!

To read their tips in full, visit last year’s blog by clicking here.

Last year was known widely as the ‘Year of Women’ and for this, MOFILM, the people-powered video content creation network, has commissioned three films from the UK, USA, and South Africa as part of ‘Many Voices’; a global initiative led by MOFILM ECDs Trak Ellis-Hill and Lee Margolis, which saw hundreds of filmmakers from 26 countries propose film ideas to answer the question ‘What does the year of women mean where you are?’ LoveLove Films won MOFILM’s pitch with Chin Up, a story of self acceptance which follows LoveLove Films animator JoAnne Salmon’s story from being one in fifty thousand babies born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic condition characterised by deformities of the ears, eyes, cheekbones and chin, which causes breathing problems and hearing difficulties, to currently living her dreams as an animator.

Chin Up touches on poignant milestones that have impacted JoAnne and made her the strong and inspirational woman that she is today, highlighting on the female empowerment that gave 2018 the great ‘Year of Women’ status. JoAnne’s story fits into a much larger story of women in today’s society and the way positive change is happening, and she touches on this with her unique outlook within Chin Up. Watch the trailer here:

Over the past few years, our MD Georgina Hurcombe has won numerous women in business awards, and we think its great that organisations such as Women in Business and NatWest Everywoman support entrepreneurial woman business owners and the fantastic things women are doing.

What are you doing today to celebrate International Women’s Day? Visit to find out how you can take action!


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