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Our Managing Director was delighted to attend Manimation in November and speak on the Animated Skills Council Panel there.

LoveLove Films’ MD Georgina Hurcombe traveled up to Greater Manchester for the animation industry event Manimation last month. Started by the Children’s Media Conference (CMC) in 2013, Manimation was created as an annual event focused on bringing all areas of the UK animation community together in a friendly setting, designed to help each other flourish.

Seven years on, Manimation continues to be a positive event for networking and knowledge exchanging for animation studios across the country. While there, Georgina spoke at a panel hosted by Tom Box, a chair of the Animation Skills Council, the animation arm of ScreenSkills.

Including Georgina, there were eleven people from the UK animation industry on the panel, representing studios big and small, old and new, and central and regional. The purpose of the panel was to celebrate projects funded by the Animation Skills Fund, and how the application of those funds could be improved.

One of the programmes Georgina spoke about was the Helen North Achieve Programme, run by Animated Women UK (AWUK) and funded by the Animation Skills Fund. The programme was started in response to a survey that found “74% of females over the age of 30 working in animation and VFX in the UK feel that they have or will experience career barriers relating to their gender”.

To try to reduce that percentage, AWUK started a programme in which a group of women at different stages of their careers are selected to come together and discuss all areas of their professional lives, from confidence to public speaking to networking.

Georgina and Fettle animation’s producer, Kath Shackleton, expressed how positive the programme had been for them, highlighting it’s value for confidence building, especially for more regional animation studios who miss out on support and networking events prominent in hubs like London and Bristol.

Speaking about her experience at Manimation this year, Georgina said:

“It’s a real honour to be able to represent regional studios at an event like Manimation and get voices that aren’t always front and centre heard”.

Georgina added:

“It was great to have the platform to encourage women in – and thinking of getting into – the animation industry to apply for the Helen North Achieve Programme. It’s such a great opportunity to meet animators with similar experiences to you from up and down the country and help each other reach your full potential.”

Also speaking at Manimation was the inspirational Peter Lord, one of the founders of Aardman Animations, the studio behind Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and Early Man. He talked about his studio’s inspiring journey from hobbyists to one of the most distinguished studios in the world. Aardman are also the distributors of our animated pre-school IP Pop Paper City.

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