Chin Up selected for international film festivals Annecy, AmDocs & Athens International Film Festival

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Chin Up selected for international film festivals Annecy, AmDocs & Athens International Film Festival

LoveLove Films are excited to announce that our animated documentary Chin Up has been selected for screening at international film festivals Annecy, AmDocs & the Athens International Film Festival

LoveLove Films’ animated documentary Chin Up has been selected for screening at Annecy, AmDocs and the Athens International Film and Video Festival, with the first of these screenings taking place at the American Documentary and Animation Film Festival (or AmDocs for short).

The American Documentary and Animation Film Festival is one of the largest documentary and animation film festivals ongoing currently in the United States, showcasing international films in both the short and feature length categories. The organisation’s eighth annual event takes place near the media capital of Hollywood, in the Palm Springs Cultural Center of Palm Springs, California, and will take place from the 29th of March to the 4th of April 2019 and is Oscar Academy qualifying

Following AmDocs is Oscar Academy qualifying Athens International Film & Video Festival (AIFVF), taking place between the 8th and 14th of April 2019. The Athens International Film and Video Festival has been presenting the best in international film for over four decades, showing a wide variety of films, including experimental; narrative-driven; short-form; feature length and documentary films from every corner of the globe. The festival is known worldwide for supporting cinema from underground and marginalized populations, providing voices for underrepresented groups and artists on a global scale.

This year 2,200 films were submitted to the AIFVF, and from these 235 films from 41 different countries were chosen by screening, including Chin Up, which has been selected for the Animation Short category.

Then from the 10th to the 15th of June, Annecy International Animation Film Festival (abbreviated as AIAFF) is taking place. The AIAFF is one of the leading international film festivals devoted to animation, selecting 220 films out of 3,070 submissions for this year’s event.

A still from "Chin Up"

A still from ‘Chin Up’

As of last year, the festival has included a new screening section named ‘Perspectives’, which focuses on on singular perspective of the world and the state of animation. The section also comes with its own special prize, the City of Annecy Award, which is to be presented to the piece that best represents the festival’s definition of perspective – denoting notions of representation, moving forward and calling to the future. It’s within this section that Chin Up documentary has been selected for screening, and LoveLove Films could not be more delighted with its selection, as this category celebrating representation, individual experiences and world-views is a perfect fit for Chin Up.

A still from 'Chin Up'

A still from ‘Chin Up’

Chin Up is directed by and follows LoveLove Animator JoAnne Salmon and her story from being one in fifty thousand babies born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, to living her dreams working as an animator. Chin Up was conceived when MOFILM, the people-powered video content creation network, led the ‘Many Voices’ global initiative which saw hundreds of filmmakers  from around the world propose film ideas to answer the question ‘What does the year of women mean where you are?”

LoveLove Films won MOFILM’s competition with Chin Up, which was narrated, illustrated and animated by JoAnne with the LoveLove team, who used an intricate 2D mixed media approach, combining childhood photos with beautiful illustrations and animations to give a true insight into life growing up with a visible disability. Chin Up was also a winner of an RTS (Royal Television Society) award for best On-Line Production for Chin Up and was covered in publications such as Campaign.

Joanne Salmon, Georgina Hurcombe, Joe Simpson from Lovelove Films accepting RTS for Chin UP

Joanne Salmon, Georgina Hurcombe, Joe Simpson from LoveLove Films accepting RTS for documentary short Chin Up

JoAnne Salmon and LoveLove Managing Director and Producer Georgina Hurcombe will be attending Annecy and are excited to watch all the other films as well as Chin Up in beautiful France.

Talking on the film, director JoAnne Salmon said:

“At its essence Chin Up is a story of hope and self acceptance. My story. It’s about following your dreams and persevering in the face of adversity and embracing all the quirks that make you, you! I have learned that being different is not always about outside appearances, it can be on the inside too and everyone wants to feel accepted. I hope that people, no matter of age, gender, race or ability, will be inspired to know that they can be whatever they want to be.”

Georgina Hurcombe Producer of Chin Up and MD at LoveLove Films stated:

“We are delighted that Chin Up will have the opportunity to touch audiences globally at these wonderful festivals. JoAnne’s story is truly inspirational and the whole of the LoveLove Films team are incredibly proud and humbled to be recognized at each of these festivals. I hope that festival-goers enjoy Chin Up! Also a big thank you to MoFilm for believing in the project and giving us the chance to produce this heartwarming short.’

For more information on the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, please visit:

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To find out more about Chin Up, click here:

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