How Animated Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Business

  • Posted by info 30 Oct

How Animated Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Business

Animated Explainer Videos – what are they, and how can they benefit your business?
In recent years, animated explainer videos have surged in popularity, and have been used to improve sales of a diverse range of businesses. So what exactly are these magical, sales-boosting animated videos, and why should you start using them for your business/product as soon as possible?

Explainer videos are a brilliant way of revealing essential information about your product or business in a creative manner. They are most commonly 2/3D short animated videos; animation provides businesses with the creative freedom to highlight their services in ways that other formats can’t.  To get the most out of your explainer video, they are most frequently placed on the front page of a website, or wherever is most prominent for your business. Explainer videos are short in duration; around 15-60 seconds is usually the sweet spot. Explainer videos can be used across all of a business’ social media platforms, and are fantastic for presentations and exhibitions.

Businesses sometimes face difficulties in advertising their brand or a product they may have through simple branded videos. Animated explainer videos are a proven method of achieving this, providing viewers with both an engrossing and informative video experience. Explainer videos increase a viewers’ understanding of your business or the product that you’re advertising.

In Wyzowl’s 2019 video marketing report, research revealed that 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, which is up from 81% in 2018 and 63% in 2017, while 83% of marketers said that video gives them a good return-on-investment (up from 78% in 2018). More specifically, 96% of people said that they watched explainer videos to learn more about a business’s products or services. This demonstrates how advantageous using an explainer video for your business can be.

How else can explainer videos benefit your business or product? As well as being an ultra-effective way of communicating your business’ products and services, there are also numerous other areas in which explainer videos can benefit your business. For instance, explainer videos can help in building powerful branding, increasing conversion rates, ensuring higher share percentage rates, and more. Explainer videos will boost your online presence; they are a hotspot for marketing strategies across a variety of businesses.

The Wyzowl report also revealed some of the reasons that marketers are not currently using videos. The top four reasons were: lack of time (23%), not knowing where to begin with there video (21%), lack of clarity on the return-on-investment of online videos (14%), and finally, the cost of creating the videos (12%). The good news for marketers not currently using video marketing is that LoveLove Films can help. Our dedicated in-house team creates engaging, original explainer video content from concept to completion. This will allow you to spend time on other important areas of your business, helping to clear any concerns about where to start with the video; our team will handle all of that for you. We offer affordable explainer videos with creative flair, helping to ease your worries about returns-on-investment and cost.

LoveLove Films has produced explainer videos for a range of clients, including one of the UK’s largest insurance companies Liverpool Victoria and one of the world’s leading events organizers Reed Exhibitions.

To learn more about explainer videos and how LoveLove Films could help your business, contact us today:

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