Launching DMC’s New Music Video, Flames!

  • Posted by info 16 May

Launching DMC’s New Music Video, Flames!

The latest LoveLove Films video, for the single Flames by DMC, of Run DMC fame, was launched today. We’re excited to see the release of another video for a multi-platinum album selling musician and can’t wait to see the impact it makes.

DMC  joined forces with Disturbed bassist John Moyer and rock front man Myles Kennedy to release a probing new single “Flames,” which addresses the issue between the black community, gun violence and police shootings.

The video’s visuals are very close to the lyrical theme of Flames, which features scenes of police brutality, rioting and violence. The video both states the lyrics onscreen and uses a unique animated world to show the carnage of the song.

 DMC stated on CNN  “Whether it’s a cop shooting a kid or a kid shooting a kid, we gotta look at the totality of the senseless, ridiculous, foolish violence that is polluting all of our communities … So I decided to be the rock ‘n’ roll hip hop guy that wouldn’t be afraid to make a song about it because it isn’t all good in the ‘hood”

With just over a month spanning pre-production to completion, the video was produced to a tight deadline, but has become something that perfectly encapsulates the video, and received praise from DMC himself, with the musician tweeting his appreciation to LoveLove Films, describing the video as “awesome … great job!”

This video is the company’s latest production for an American client. LoveLove Films is expanding rapidly into America, having already produced content for a variety of American musicians and companies, including the technology giant Cisco Systems. DMC’s management, who are based in Austin Texas, approached LoveLove Films to produce a video for their artist after recommendations from various people within the US music industry.

On producing Flames for a musical legend, LoveLove Films’ Managing Director Georgina Hurcombe states “I’m incredibly happy with the finished result and it’s great to work on a project with such an important message. DMC is the latest in a long line of high profile clients to come to LoveLove Films. I can’t wait to see which musical giants will come to the company next! ”

With a tight deadline, LoveLove Films decided to create a unique mix of 2D animation and motion graphics animation, giving the overall video an innovative visual quality. It features animated characters  (Watch out for some of the team members!) and fast camera motions through an animated world whilst presenting the lyrics from the song.

DMC has had a long and enduring career; beginning in Queens, New York City in the early 80s when he was the founding member of the genre defining hip hop and rap band Run-DMC. Run-DMC’s many achievements include releasing the first rap albums to reach gold and platinum, becoming the first rap act to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone, and are the first rap band to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Run-DMC were also recently given a lifetime achievement Grammy, the first ever rap act to do so.




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