Taking another look at VIRAL advertising in the year of 2014

  • Posted by Snowy 29 Dec

Taking another look at VIRAL advertising in the year of 2014

At the end of last year we published a blog which focused on the most successful virals of 2013 and well you guessed it… it’s that time of year again.

Viral marketing is becoming an increasingly established medium and is most definitely considered a buzzword at present. With the increasingly integrated place the Internet holds in our every day lives, the extent of what viral videos can achieve has been completely reassessed.

Social media now occupies a huge portion of people’s lives and viral videos have always been a large part of social media’s appeal; however, since 2010 viral marketing has developed in a vast and rapid way.

What is the top Viral Video of 2014


How can this help my brand?

An increasing number of companies are turning towards viral marketing, with huge levels of success for their brand. Many of the top viral hits of 2014 were made exactly with this intention.

Examples of this are Budweiser’s recent advert ‘Puppy Love’ Superbowl commercial which gained 54 million views on YouTube and the clothing label Wren’s viral endeavor with ‘First Kiss’ which has a staggering 95 million views. Both of these videos play on the audiences’ emotional sensibilities. The Budweiser commercial featuring a golden Labrador retriever puppy that adorably strikes up an unlikely friendship with a shire horse, the advert comes prepped for consumption across social media with the hashtag #bestbuds. Watch it here and read our blog post on animals in advertising here.

Moreover, the Wren advertisement ‘First Kiss’, was perhaps one of the most talked about marketing stunts of 2014, most notably because people felt that they had been deceived when it emerged that it was in fact an advert. It documents twenty strangers who kiss for the first time, soundtracked by Soko’s ‘We Might Be Dead Tomorrow”… watch below:

Making a successful viral

But what is it that makes a good viral video great? There is a list of recurring factors that leads to success and now, more so than ever, many virals are professional productions.

Success factors are linked to high production values, feats, spectacular achievement, a humorous and heartwarming focus.

Where LoveLove Films comes in

LoveLove Films is an award winning multimedia production company that produces a diverse range of content, including Adverts, Documentaries, Music Videos, Animations, Motion Graphics, Promotional Videos, Corporate videos and games.

We work with a wide variety of brands and agencies, producing exciting and innovative content for any product. We’re passionate about making the most out of any project. Recent successes include producing a series of Television adverts for major furniture companies, and making music videos for the international multi-platinum selling musician Joss Stone.

The LoveLove team love producing innovative and different media and can create viral campaigns with the same precision and success for your brand.

Contact us now at info@lovelovefilms.com or 01202537858.

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