Yes Sir Boss – ‘Not Guilty’

The Brief

LoveLove were approached by Stone’d records to produce a music video for Band Yes Sir Boss. The political track ‘Not Guilty’ lyrically denoted a ‘propaganda state and touched on issues of mass consumerism and political agendas and greed”. LoveLove were contracted to produce the track concept to completion.

The Process

LoveLove worked with our in-house writers and designers to conceptualise the track working on narrative structure and storyline. We wanted to create an epic adventure video. The band suggested filming the video live action, however, this was not cost effective. We therefore conceptualised an animated world and shot the bands heads on a green screen and then composited their heads onto animated puppet bodies. This process gave the band a unique eye catching music video. We also filmed the band performing live and the animated 2D characters morph into the band members at the end of the video.

The Result

The video is Yes Sir Boss’ most widely watched music video with over 67,000 hits. The video was so well received by the client and fans that it lead to three more commissions for Stone’d Records.

Watch the video here: