Bournemouth University – Student Stories

The Brief

LoveLove Films were approached by Bournemouth University to produce an inspiring animation for new students, which showcased real student experiences of university life. The aim of the project was to encourage more students to come and study on the South Coast.

The Process

By combining 2D animation and visual effects with aspects of live-action, LoveLove created a completely original animation style, and were able to harness the power of digital storytelling to help effectively recreate each student’s journey in an original and authentic way.

The Result

The Student Stories videos explore a wide range of issues that can effect students from all backgrounds as they adapt to the structure of university life; everything from what course to choose, to what it’s like living away from home for the first time, right through to the benefits of getting involved with the Student’s Union, as well as helpful first-hand advice on what living in Bournemouth is like for those international students who choose to study here.