Joss Stone – Stuck On You

The Brief

After three previous successful music videos for Joss Stone, LoveLove Films were commissioned to work the debut single Stuck On You from the multi platinum album selling Joss Stone’s sixth studio album Water For Your Soul.  

The Process

LoveLove Films have primarily handled the VFX and postproduction of the music video. Stuck on You features the distinctive, yet diverse styles of both Joss Stone’s musical craftsmanship and LoveLove Films’ innovative production techniques. The video features vast amounts of footage of Joss Stone and other women in an underwater environment shot by the French company Splash Prod. LoveLove Films were commissioned to enhance the footage, by editing together the sequence of the video, adding complex visual effects and colour grading the overall look.

The Result

The postproduction work on Stuck on You has been a unique and interesting project for the animation team at LoveLove Films. Lead Animator Sunny Clarke stated: “Animation of underwater footage has had to be treated in a different manner to standard live action footage. Primary animation work has gone into giving the images increased depth and vivid tones, as well as rotoscoping, plate cleanup and CGI effects. We feel that the final video has really made the concept of Stuck on You stand out and give a strong impression to the viewer.”

Joss Stone said to Elle magazine that the video was “The most challenging and beautiful experience I’ve had making a music video yet. I feel the visuals were emotional and flowed with the energy and concept of the song.”