Aspin Interactive

The Brief

LoveLove were approached by Aspin to produce three corporate product demo videos for the E-commerce company Aspin for both UK and Australian potential clients. The videos are showcased on Aspin’s websites, social media pages and are utilised at trade shows and presentations.

The Process

LoveLove worked closely with Aspin to develop the script for a motion graphic video. Initially Aspin considered filming a video but in pre development we found Motion Graphics were the best medium to showcase their products and services. We worked closely with the client throughout the project to develop a set of three motion graphic videos.

The Result

Aspin were delighted with the three motion graphic videos produced in house by LoveLove. The motion graphic videos meant that potential customers could now understand Aspin’s services in a clear and concise manner. The videos are showcased on Aspin’s homepage and have been used at large corporate presentation events and tradeshows.

Watch the videos here: