ThinkNinja – Healios In-App Animations

The Brief

Healios is a leading digital healthcare company that merges technology, specialised clinical expertise and a personal human connection to empower people affected by mental illness.

LoveLove Films were approached by Healios to produce a series of videos to play inside their newly designed app, ThinkNinja®, an app designed to educate and support young people through the stresses of life. Through complex AI and gamification, the user learns about their own mental health, how to manage their emotional wellbeing and to build resilience through coping strategies. ThinkNinja® also supports symptoms of anxiety and low mood.

The Process

Working closely with the Healios marketing and clinical teams, LoveLove Films created five videos following the character of the ‘Wise Ninja’, to explain the delicate topics explored in ThinkNinja® such as anxiety, thinking traps, low mood and how to understand the relationship between the way we think, feel and behave. The visual style of the videos matched those of the app, using bright colours, attractive landscapes and a fun animation style that appealed to the young demographic, helping them to connect with ThinkNinja® in a welcoming and friendly way. In order to approach the complex concepts surrounding mental health, LoveLove Films ensured that the visuals illustrated these concepts in an easily understandable and engaging manner.

The Result

Having previously worked with Mind and Bournemouth University to promote the importance of making young people aware of mental health issues, working together with Healios was a perfect fit. Healios expressed mutual enthusiasm as they were very pleased with the final videos, including them in the trial release of ThinkNinja. On working with LoveLove Films, Richard Andrews, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Healios said, “The team at LoveLove were amazing, the animation team, production and account team pulled together a project plan that delivered 5 films on time and the quality was exceptional. Their ability to translate detailed clinical psychological processes, to films that teenagers would understand and more importantly enjoy, was first class.”

Healios launched a clinical trial of ThinkNinja® across 7 European schools, reaching over 5,000 schoolchildren and making history as the UK’s largest clinical trial into digital mental health apps. The reception to ThinkNinja® has been very positive, with teachers praising the apps ability to assist schools existing wellbeing services. Healios plans to release ThinkNinja® fully later this year.


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