LiveWell Dorset – Explainer Video

LiveWell Dorset - Explainer Video

The Brief

LiveWell Dorset is a free service for adults in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset who would like to improve their wellbeing. They offer workshops, one-to-one coaching and personalized support to those who would like to get active, lose weight, stop smoking or drink less.

LoveLove Films were commissioned to create an animated short film promoting LiveWell Dorset’s services to the public. The video demonstrates how the characters were weighed down by their bad habits but with LiveWell Dorset’s aid, positive changes were made.


The Process

With the brief in mind, LoveLove Films began working on the production. In order to create a captivating and engaging film, LoveLove created four animated characters that had one of the bad habits; inactivity, weight problems, smoking and drinking.

LoveLove used imagery to symbolize how each character was being held back – whether that was a heavy backpack representing the weight they wanted to shift, smoke wrapped around the character’s neck, the character’s body filling with alcohol or the character being tied down to demonstrate inactivity.

The video structure allowed the audience to follow the positive transformation of the characters as they sought help from LiveWell Dorset.


The Result

LiveWell Dorset was thrilled with the final production, which has since been uploaded onto their YouTube page.

Matt Fisher, Wellness Marketing Lead commented:

LoveLove Films met my brief with a creative and high quality animation, on time and on budget. With clear communication throughout, they are a joy to work with.”

For more information on LiveWell Dorset click here.