Chin Up – Animated Documentary

Chin Up

The Brief

MOFILM, the people-powered video content creation network, has commissioned three films from the UK, USA, and South Africa as part of ‘Many Voices’; a global initiative led by MOFILM ECDs Trak Ellis-Hill and Lee Margolis, which saw hundreds of filmmakers from 26 countries propose film ideas to answer the question ‘What does the year of women mean where you are?

The Process

LoveLove Films won MOFILM’s pitch with Chin Up, which is our animator JoAnne Salmon’s story from being one in fifty thousand babies born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic condition characterised by deformities of the ears, eyes, cheekbones and chin, which causes breathing problems and hearing difficulties, to currently living her dreams as an animator.

Throughout her childhood, JoAnne loved to draw herself as heroic characters to escape the insecurity and feeling of being different that came with her condition. However, JoAnne never drew her facial features any differently to fit the scene of a heroic warrior or mystical mermaid. The documentary touches on poignant milestones that have impacted JoAnne and made her the strong and inspirational woman that she is today, highlighting on the female empowerment that is giving 2018 the great ‘Year of Women’ status. JoAnne’s story fits into a much larger story of women in today’s society and the way positive change is happening, and she touches on this with her unique outlook within Chin Up.

Chin Up was narrated, illustrated and animated by JoAnne, giving a true insight to growing up with a visible disability. JoAnne and the LoveLove Films animation team created the documentary with intricate 2D mixed media using childhood photos mixed in with beautiful and colourful illustrations and animation.

The Result

Chin Up has been featured in an article in Campaign Magazine which can be read here;

JoAnne Salmon, Director of Chin Up said; “Chin Up is at its essence a story of hope and self acceptance. My story. It’s about following your dreams and persevering in the face of adversity and embracing all the quirks that make you, you! I have learned that being different is not always about outside appearances, it can be on the inside too and everyone wants to feel accepted. I hope that people, no matter of age, gender, race or ability, will be inspired to know that they can be whatever they want to be.”

Rebecca Sykes, Global CEO, MOFILM said; “Diversity comes in many forms from gender and ethnicity to experiences and ideas. We are all different but key passions, topics and beliefs unite us. We launched Many Voices to show there is no one answer to a question, which was reinforced by the range of important stories, crying out to be told, that we received in response.”

“The challenge to create content that’s locally authentic, globally consistent, and resonates with people is real. These three commissioned films prove how important it is to give local creators a global voice and show the challenge can be overcome. I’m immensely proud of these films and I hope they make people stop, think and reflect.”

Georgina Hurcombe, Producer and Founder of LoveLove Films said; “It’s great to see MOFILM using their vast network to fund and commission their own initiatives like the wonderful Many Voices series, which is such an exciting opportunity for women filmmakers. Last year, of the top 100 grossing films, only 8% were directed by women, so it’s fantastic to have an organisation actively addressing this. We were delighted to be commissioned to produce Chin Up about JoAnne’s touching and heartwarming journey, and hope that it acts as a source of inspiration to many.”