The Brief

LoveLove Films wanted to release a fun and friendly in-house Valentine’s Day themed animation and song to send our clients on Valentines Day. The subject matter of the video and song is based around all of the terrible things that could be gifted to your lover on Valentine’s Day.

The Process

Looking at viral videos on the Internet the LoveLove Films team wanted to create something that was fun and that people could laugh at and would share.
We looked into previous comedic videos, which were interesting visually and lyrically. We wanted to build some visuals that could show our creativity but also had a unique style. The LoveLove team began to pen out some humorous lyrics. A lot of ideas were thrown about and the finished video could have lasted a lot longer than it did. Ultimately however, we decided to go for quality over quantity, and selected the best lyrics that we came up with. Once the song was written by Maxim our scriptwriter, we turned to animation techniques, we decided we wanted to go for a 2D style that meant trying to keep the animation minimalistic looking. The animation team began to make assets, a really nice style came through and we all began to agree on ideas and how things would move. Then came the recording (with our cameraman who can also sing! ) we came out with a catchy song. We then pieced the whole animation together and it came together perfectly.

The Result

We hope you enjoy it!