The Brief

LoveLove were commissioned by the mental health charity Healios to produce a video that exhibited the personal story of a family whose daughter was suffering from schizophrenia. This video needed to highlight the problem in a direct, intimate and honest manner; but would also need to maintain the privacy of the family’s identities.

The Process

LoveLove created a hand drawn 2D animation, in the style of a child’s drawings. This animation would be able to make Healios’ audience closely relate to the family in the voiceover, whilst also preventing the family from being examined in an invasive manner.

The animation technique for this video was somewhat unique, in that it used hand drawn animation, only with all drawing taking place directly onto a computer. The animators drew into tablets; computer screens then displayed what they were drawing, which allowed for tweaking on the computer’s software. The entirety of this video was created in this manner; with every second of footage consisting of 24 individually hand drawn animation frames.

The turnaround for this project was one week, which meant that the animators had work incredibly hard over a short period of time to achieve spectacular results.

The Result

Healios were incredibly pleased with the work. A shortened version of the video is on their website’s homepage, with the full video being prominently featured in another area of the site.

The video is also shown at events and conferences.

LoveLove have subsequently struck up a further collaboration with Healios to produce further videos to help people suffering from psychosis and its related effects.

Watch the video here: