MOMO Tempo – NUDGE 360 panoramic video (part of the 2012 London Olympics)

The Brief

LoveLove Films were selected to be part of Creative England’s prestigious Visual Soundtrack project. During the tenure we were commissioned to produce a 360 degree 20ft panoramic video for the London 2012 Olympics as part of the ICCI Maritime Mix.

The Process

We had less than a week to turn around the video and master the art of 360 panoramic video production. Our team of VFX artists and animators rose to this exciting challenge. We partnered with alternative offbeat artist Momo:Tempo to produce a 360 degree music promo for his track ‘Nudge’. We shot the video using a greenscreen and composited Momo:Tempo into the 360 2D environment that we built.

The Result

The video was extremely well received by the ICCI. They decided to use the video for the opening of the ICCI press day and also as the closing video for the ICCI arena. The manager of the ICCI area Dave Hoptchkiss stated: The ICCI360 Arena attracted over 26,000 visitors over the summer in Weymouth, 2012. I can safely say that ‘Nudge’ was definitely one of the highlights to our screenings. Simply Brilliant! Additionally, the video was showcased by Creative England. The video is still currently touring with the ICCI arena.

Watch the video here: