London Boat Show 2014

The Brief

LoveLove Films were approached by Leepeck Group, an advertising agency based in Hampshire on behalf of the London Boat Show 2014, who required a TV commercial for the upcoming show. The brief was for a 10 and 20 second TV spot using still photos provided by the London Boat Show.They wanted their advert to convey the vibrant and exciting nature of the boat show.

The Process

LoveLove Films’ animators worked diligently to inject life into the still photographs. We animated the stills to create the illusion of movement for a more dynamic and visually stimulating advert. Throughout production we liaised with the client taking on board and responding to their feedback and suggestions. LoveLove Films also cleared the advert for broadcast through the Clearcast submission process and additionally uploaded the finished adverts to the Adstream system to be delivered to the relevant channels.

The Result

The TV commercial aired on ITV across various regions leading up to London Boat Show in January 2014. Additionally, as a result of this project we’ve subsequently secured more work with the agency Leepeck Group and the London Boat Show.

Watch the video here: