Global Maps – University of Nottingham

The Brief

The design, branding, photography and digital agency Campbell Rowley commissioned LoveLove Films to replicate in animation form, previous installations and photos they had produced of world maps for made out of test tubes, fibre optics and cress.

The Process

To re-create the fibre optic world map our animators used the hair module in Cinema 4D to create realistic movements of the fibre optic strands swaying. They also attached spheres to the end of all of the fibre strains to use as a light points. The animators then composited this to create a look that matched the original installation.

To create the test tube and cress animations our animators rotoscoped individual tubes and cress in Photoshop from the agency’s original photos and repositioned them into the correct positioning to recreate the accuracy of the former installation and photos. They then manually animated every single asset to create movement with the utmost quality.

The Result

The animations were used on the University of Nottingham website and in the university on digital walls.