The Brief

LoveLove Films was approached by national charity Steps to create an informative explainer video for parents with newborn babies suffering from Hip Dysplasia. The video was required to explain what hip dysplasia is, reassure parents and show the correct use of a Pavlik Harness.

The Process

LoveLove Films shot and annotated a video showing the correct use of the Pavlik Harness by a specialist nurse, and created the animated visual effects depicting the separation of the ball joint from the socket; the main cause of hip dysplasia in new born babies.

The Result

The end result was an informative and reassuring explainer video, carefully showing how the harness should be removed and placed onto a baby with hip dysplasia. Simple animations and on-screen text allows the viewer to gain a wider understanding of the condition and the questions and answers segment further informs parents in an authoritative but friendly manner.