Vice – The Murder of Charlene Downes

The Murder of Charlene Downes Trailer

The Brief

LoveLove Films were commissioned to produce TV graphics for the VICE-studios produced documentary series The Murder of Charlene Downes, due to air on Channel 5.

In November 2003, schoolgirl Charlene Downes disappeared from Blackpool after spending the evening in the town centre and on the pier with friends. The 14-year-old has not been seen since and although police believe she was murdered that night, her body has never been found.

The Murder of Charlene Downes is a chilling documentary series produced by VICE which investigates the disappearance and suspected murder of Charlene almost 16 years ago.

Within the series, the filmmakers are given “unprecedented access” to her family and friends, the police, case lawyers and a former suspect.

Channel 5 said in a statement that the series “aims to understand why the investigation into the case failed and tries to unearth new evidence into her disappearance, to find out who may have been responsible.”

The Process

At LoveLove Films, we love creating TV graphics for a wide array of shows in numerous different genres. Other shows we have created TV graphics for include Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, ITV’s easyJet: Inside the Cockpit, Channel 4’s The Super Orgasm, and we also created the entirety of the graphics for the BBC Films feature Williams.

On creating the graphics, LoveLove animator Joe stated: “Working on The Murder of Charlene Downes was very insightful – it’s such a harrowing story but I think VICE handled their telling of it in an interesting and sensitive way that would surely resonate with audiences. For the show, we created all of the subtitles as well as the majority of the picture graphics, for which we subtly parallaxed the archive imagery supplied and created a VHS effect to heighten the visual look and impact of the series. I hope the show helps to bring to light who was responsible for Charlene’s murder and also opens back up a discussion about other similar stories too.”

The Result

The Murder of Charlene Downes aired on Channel 5 for three consecutive nights starting on Tuesday 21st May 2019.

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