The Lost Sole

The Lost Sole - Trailer

The Brief

LoveLove Films were commissioned by local Dorset-based author Clive M Jenns to create an animated film based on his short story The Lost Sole, an enchanting tale of a characterful shoe separated from its partner on the beach and swept away to sea by the tide.

The Process

Clive M Jenns, who is based locally in Southbourne, visited the LoveLove studios early 2017 to discuss his short story The Lost Sole with the team, with the potential to turn his dream into a reality by creating an animated film of his story.

At the discovery meeting, we read out The Lost Sole short story in full. The story had the LoveLove team in hysterics and we all saw Clive’s passion as well as the potential the animated film would have.

Our scriptwriter worked closely with Clive to adapt his short story from prose into script format. Once Clive was happy with the script, our storyboard artist created storyboards to show him how the story would play out on screen visually.

We commissioned local creative Timo Peach who we have long worked closely with on projects such as Coastwise, to voice the characters. Timo Peach is a local Dorset-based musician who goes by the stage name Momo:Tempo. The voices Timo Peach came up with were funny, silly and heart-warming – perfect for the sweet nature of the film.

Once all the voices were completed, we put together an animatic. The animatic brings the storyboards to life with the voices. From that, our in-house illustrators and animators set to work creating the unique characters and stunning landscapes with hand drawn 2D techniques. Once we had all the illustrations, the animators created the final film – bringing the story and characters to life.

The Result

Clive M Jenns was thrilled with the final product, which is being entered into multiple film festivals this year.

The film is available to buy on Clive’s website: