Heathcoat Fabrics – High Performance Textiles

The Brief

LoveLove Films were approached by Heathcoat Fabrics, a leading supplier of engineered textile solutions, to produce a 90 second event video that would showcase the variety of bespoke services they offer, as well as their customer-focused approach and some history of the company. The video would be a mix of 4K live action, motion graphics and parallax imagery, showcasing the applications and manufacturing process. Due to being an event video, no voice over or music was required.

The Process

At LoveLove Films, we pride ourselves for our concept completion work as we script, shoot (4K), animate, edit and grade all in house.

The Result

LoveLove Films worked very closely with Heathcoat Fabrics to create an informative event video using a combination of live action, motion graphics and parallax imagery. We spent a day at the Heathcoat Fabrics factory, shooting a variety of machinery and testing labs. The result of this process was a stunning video that allowed Heathcoat to show their services at the event in a visually entertaining way.