Starbucks animated Christmas thank you!

The Brief: We were commissioned by Starbucks’ franchisee 23.5 Degrees to create an animated Christmas card. They wanted a video that would be fun, well paced, visually vibrant and which would convey key landmarks and achievements of the company.

The Process: LoveLove Films created an innovative video that mixed live action images and 2D and 3D animation. The video took place in an animated depiction of a Stabucks store, and featured the 23.5 Degrees staff as Santa Claus and elf characters. Additional touches were added to make the video especially Christmassy, such as appropriate music and decorations in the video.

The Result: The video was a unique way to engage and promote 23.5 Degrees’ achievements to Starbucks, and was showcased to Starbucks’ head office, and to key investors and stakeholders.