Gabby Young & Other Artists – ‘In Your Head’

The Brief

We were commissioned to produce a music video for artist Gabby Young & Other Animals. We had a completely open brief to create a music video for the track ‘In Your Head’.

The Process

The video is made entirely out of photos that we shot in house that have been stylistically animated. We consulted with the band and management on brand ideologies. We created an animated 2D journey where Gabby and fellow band members defeat the Evil Ring Master to rescue animals from a Victorian styled circus.

The video was relatively low budget, therefore, we engaged with the artist to raise funds through crowd sourcing. LoveLove came up with the idea that Gabby Young & the Other Animals’ fans could fund the video through donations in exchange the fans would send high res images to LoveLove. These images would in turn be animated and the fans would appear in the music video. Not only was this a great way to fund the music video but it meant that the fans would directly engage with the music video. We also wanted the video to be interactive and we made three interactive endings where the fans could choose which animal to save.

Further to the video we created three Games that the fans could play on Gabby Young’s website driving traffic directly from the videos hosted on Youtube.

The Result

The video resulted in over 45,000 hits on YouTube alone and gained much press regarding the interactive elements including…….

“LoveLove are an amazing team to work with – not only did they deliver a video that far surpassed my expectations but they were professional, creative, full of original ideas and a joy to work with. I will happily work with them again and again!” – Gabby Young

Watch the video here: