Reed Exhibitions

The Brief

LoveLove Films were approached by Reed Exhibitions, one of the world’s leading event organisers with a growing portfolio of 500 events in 41 countries, to produce a 90 second character led event video that would showcase how value can be added to an event attendees experience by using their mobile.

The 2D animation was to follow the story of Mr Reed and how mobile enhances his show experience from start to finish, focussing on the “WOW” experience as the main aim and not focussing on the technology in detail. We were told that the audience for the animation was non-technical, so we used graphical visualisations to represent the digital capability in a bold and clear style that alluded to what was “under the bonnet”.

The Process

At LoveLove Films, we pride ourselves for our concept completion work as we script, shoot (4K), animate, edit and grade all in house. The script for the animation was split into 3 sections: Pre-event, Event and Post-event. After story boarding, the animators set to work creating the animation.

The Result

LoveLove Films worked very closely with Reed Exhibitions to create an information animated event video. The result was a charming animation that would provide stakeholders from all around the world with an example of a visitor going to a show whilst demonstrating how their experience can be enhanced using digital and date.

The video was shown as part of a global internal conference to show off the kind of experience Reed Exhibitions can develop with existing/latest technology. The video was very well received at the conference, with Event Directors spontaneously bursting into applause at the end of it. The video will be used to show their teams what sort of benefits new tech can bring.

Ade Allenby of Reed Exhibitions said of the LoveLove team: “It is so refreshing to work with people that are so talented and act upon feedback so effectively with no mucking about.”