Lagos to London


The Brief

LoveLove Films were approached by BAFTA award winning factual production company Minnow Films to create motion graphics for their Channel 4 documentary Lagos to London.

Minnow Films wanted to replace the placeholder graphics, which were taken from the social media of those participating in the documentary, with sleek and stylish graphics that fit the luxurious theme of the documentary.

The Process

LoveLove Films animation team designed motion graphics that would showcase the images, which were taken from Instagram, and help them suit the tone of the documentary. The images were given a parallax effect, injecting movement into one part of the image, such as an arm or a head, and given a swipe effect, which made them look like they were being viewed on the smartphone.

The Result

The end result looked stunning, and the images now suited the polished, luxury tone of the documentary, and were visually engaging for the audience due to the moving components of the images.

Nancy Nigro of Minnow Films said “Thanks for all of your hard work on this project- my exec especially was blown away by the quality of your work! I’ll definitely have you at the top of our list next time we need graphics.”

She went on to say: “It was my first experience with LoveLove and couldn’t have been happier with the motion graphics for our programme. Speedy turnaround, great price and impressive result.”

Watch our graphics in the clip below!