How can parallax captivate your customers?

You may have heard the term parallax in the past and not be totally sure what it means. That’s OK though as LoveLove Films is on hand not only to explain what it is, but also how it can help your business. The term parallax is derived from the Greek term ‘parallaxis’ and describes the way in which distant objects appear to move at a different rate to objects closer to the observer. Likewise, the term is used in video game development when describing how backgrounds in horizontally scrolling shoot ‘em ups slide by in layers, with the most ‘distant’ layer scrolling at a slower rate than the foreground to create the illusion of depth. When speaking about parallax in the video sense, we can apply the fundamentals described above to create pseudo animations from still images that are both visually striking and incredibly cost effective.

LoveLove Films’ animation team can take your high resolution photographs and create sequences that can captivate an audience, while clearly and concisely conveying any message you like. This is primarily down to the flexibility and practicality of the still image format to build a story or a scene. Because parallax uses animated stills, expensive sets and visual effects are not required – photographs or artificial images can be used, so an everyday scene such as a kitchen or a city street is equally as feasible as a vista set on a distant planet or in a magical fairy tale kingdom. A cloudy day can be turned into a summery afternoon or a bright morning changed into a frosty winter’s day. Slow motion animation can be applied, giving a dramatic effect to scenes containing actors or animated characters and special emphasis can be applied to specific objects in any particular shot. The possibilities are practically endless, and the scope for voice overs and music to create an even more engaging sequence are just as far reaching. Animated logos, onscreen text, and amazing transitions are all possible too with parallax.

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