Autism Wessex

The Brief

We were commissioned by Autism Wessex to create an advert for a national awareness campaign called “Connect to Autism”, that showcases the various thought processes that people with Autism go through as they enter social settings and situations. The client wanted a video that would play in cinemas and could be used in training activities that encourage services, such as banks, leisure facilities and shops, to make adaptations to the manner in which they work, and to encourage social change to the general populace.

The Process

LoveLove Films worked closely with people with autism that are supported by Autism Wessex, in both the ideas gathering and production of the video, to give it an authentic edge that would be an honest portrayal of the difficulties that the contributors face in everyday life.  As well as appearing in the video, the contributors also provided the voiceovers to give the advertisement an honest and personal edge.

The Result

The overall advert is an immersive way of putting viewers into the shoes of a person with autism, and uses double exposure photography to literally show the turmoil and pain that seemingly everyday situations can have upon people with Autism.