Multiyork TV Advert


The Brief

Multiyork are a major furniture distributor in the UK with 56 stores nationwide. It has been an established seller of high quality homeware for four decades, and has an impeccable reputation as a retailer. Multiyork were excited to return to broadcast TV advertising and wished to draw upon the theme of memories and childhood nostalgia to connect with its audience. LoveLove Films in partnership with Halo Design Associates set about to create a Multiyork TV Advert  that met Multiyork’s needs.

The Process

LoveLove Films worked on the Multiyork TV Advert production from concept to completion, which included working on the concept, developing storyboards, coordinating the production, shooting and overseeing the edit and post production of the commercial.

The Result

The Multiyork TV Advert aired nationwide on a broad range of networks, including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky throughout the festive season and January sales. The advert showcases the elegant stylistic visuals that have become the signature style of LoveLove Films.