Cycling UK TV ADVERT – Bike Week

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The Brief

Bike Week is an annual event ran by Cycling UK to promote cycling and show how cycling can easily be a part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’, with the 2017 event taking place 10-18th June. Bike Week encourages over half a million people to join in events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around. LoveLove Films were approached by Cycling UK with an open brief to produce a fun and inspiring 30-second TV advert for Bike Week with a quick, 4-week turnaround.

The Process

LoveLove Films were commissioned to produce a 40 second advert from concept to completion. This included designing a unique mixed media concept, developing the poem/script and storyboards, coordinating the production, shooting against green screen in our studio, animating and recording the voice over.

Cycling UK wanted to feature an array of different biking personalities and locations within the advert which is why we pitch a mixed media world of animated locations with real life people and bikes. Lovelove Films put a casting call out to the local cycling community and our  social media post gained  over 63,000 views organically and we received 400 applications within 3 days from cyclist enthusiasts to take part in the TV advert .

For the mixed media world environments to work with the live-action biker,  LoveLove Films crew needed both the bike wheels to spin in front of the green screen in order for the animation to appear as though the contributors were really cycling. To overcome this, we built a custom made rig that held the bike stationary and stable whilst both wheels moved.

We turned the project around in an extremely quick turn around concept to completion including the clear cast and delivering processes.

The Result

Cycling UK and Bike Week were overjoyed with the final Cycling UK TV Advert , which is run on ITV Hub throughout the whole of Bike Week. The unique, appealing visuals and the inspiring, upbeat poem combine to tell the cycling lifestyle in a nostalgic way that will hopefully inspire adults and youngsters alike to get out on their bike.

David Murray

Head of Communications and Campaigns Cycling UK stated:
“Thank you all so much for your patience, upbeat mood on this campaign, and general brilliance!  We can see why you are called Lovelove Films as we lovelove the advert you have produced for us! Cycling UK TV Advert Is a huge success”